Happy Tunes

Alabama Shakes
Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard brings the joy (Wikipedia)


By George Howland Jr.

Consider: rock concert fans dancing in ecstasy, a church congregation clapping along to a gospel beat, an audience’s spirits soaring to the rafters during a symphony. Such mood enhancers needn’t be occasional or come only with the price of a ticket. You don’t have to be in a concert hall to consciously use music to lift you out of despair or connect to your highest self. Instead, keep a playlist of Happy Tunes on your phone or your favorite streaming service.

When you’re feeling down, discouraged, degraded or detested, don’t let your mood keep you low. Instead, listen up!

“Hold On,” by Alabama Shakes
Singer Brittany Howard’s infectious gospel shouts combine with the complex, interlocking, rocking rhythms of guitar, bass, and drums to preach an irresistible message of determination.

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